100 Voices Launched in Alice Springs

Alice Springs Women’s Shelter is extremely proud to launch 100 Voices, a five year

project that shares the stories of resilience from women across the 540 000 square

kilometre region of Central Australia.

Violence against women poses a serious threat to the well being of communities

worldwide. Central Australia is one of the most affected regions in the Australia with

Aboriginal women disproportionately represented. In 2013 Alice Springs Women's

Shelter provided accommodation to over 1000 individual women and children from

84 communities across four states.

The project shares the knowledge and wisdom of over 100 women in towns and

communities across the four state regions through animation, songs and short films.

“100 Voices is about making sure that the voices of women who have survived violent

relationships have a platform where they can be heard - not just by workers and

government- but heard by women who might currently feel trapped and alone. This

website offers hope that not only can you survive but you can flourish at the other

side of domestic violence and find your voice; that women,no matter what, can and

will walk their own life.” said Dale Wakefield, Executive Officer  of the Alice Springs Women's Shelter.

Many women's stories reinforce the importance of non judgemental support from

family and and friends;

“In hard times, friends sitting with me and listening to me and reminding me that

things can change and get better really helps.” was the advice of one of the project


The role of specialist domestic violence services in keeping women safe was also


"When women go to the shelter they go in all broken, hurt, shamed and lost... we tell

them to go away to the shelter and get strong again; you can fix your soul, heart and

spirit up. Then you can come home to WALK YOUR LIFE again with your children and

family” said a survivor of domestic violence

An interview with Dale Wakefield and Catherine Satour can be found here