Like A Butterfly

I lost my soul, I found me again
Your actions will no longer hurt me
You left me broken heart
Now I am in flight, my embers burn again
I'm no longer hurting like hell.

My wings might be broken
But time will heal them
Bruises fade and go
Scars remain

I know wounds slowly heal
The sun will rise again
I will soar again
Like a butterfly

Like A Butterfly was written at the Alice Springs Women's Shelter by workers and a client.

The woman who wrote the song, although she does not want to be named, is extremely excited to share her experiences with other women who maybe in her situation and hopes it inspires them.

Singing and song writing can be important in helping in bringing women together at the shelter. It can provide a way to relax and reflect on women's experiences and strengths. It's also a lot of fun.